Why should you choose Bobst printing machines?


Every time when we want to buy a particular product, we will focus only on those of quality. If it happens to need, printing machines of different kinds of equipment, you can choose with confidence bobst machines and you will not regret it.

Why should you choose Bobst machines? Because they are designed with care, by the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

In more than 125 years, Bobst has developed the printing industry and one of the most appreciated products is Fischer & Krecke. If you search of an advanced flexo printing, you can choose the Fischer & Krecke 20SIX.

It is an evolution of the Fischer & Krecke FP 16 series and it is noted by the improvements in printing quality. Also, it is very easy to use, has a perfect design and it is suitable for an efficient production. It can print on paper or aluminum foil.[adsenseyu1]

The variety of bobst machines offer you the possibility to discover the perfect one for you needs. For example, the 30SIX models can be used for applications in all the markets.

The high production speed will help you to deliver in a good time your services. Certainly, it is perfect to increase your profit and improve your business. As for maintenance costs and consumables, you have reason for concern. They are very low.

The 90Six preprint press is recommended for specialized business, due to its sophisticated mechanical and electrical; design. By using this machine, you can obtain as high graphic quality, near to the offset quality, which is great.

The bobst machines that belong to FP 36-Series are capable of offering god delivery times, to print very thin substrates and to increase your efficiency, but to reduce the material cost. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not buy these machines, if you want to improve your business.

If you are interested in gravure presses, Bobst has produced these kinds of machines for more than seventy five years. Today has modern products, with innovative features and automations that can be used in a variety of market segments.


Bobst provides solutions to help improve your business and satisfy your customers. If you want to find out more information about bobst machines, visit the website Usedpresses.org. You will discover that Bobst covers many areas, such as laminating and coating systems, rotogravure printing, and flexo printing.

They exceed in converting area, that includes the process of die-cutting or the carton web feed converting. The maintenance of their product is professionally realized. We can consider that the Swiss from the Bobst factories are the best producers of professional and industrial equipment. Choosing the suitable bobst machine could not be easier and the advantages it offers are great.

As a conclusion, there are many reasons for which you can choose to buy bobst machines and the good quality is one of them. In more than a century of activity, Bobst manages to be recognized in the entire world for its products.

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